Booster toward new scientific breaktroughs in rare and pediatric diseases


95% of the 6,000-7,000 identified rare diseases don’t have an approved therapy. For most of these diseases, research is effectively non-existent. The search for new treatments is thwarted by enormous scientific challenges. At the current pace, it would take over 100 years to develop treatments for all rare conditions.

Public-private partnerships could help pool resources to solve problems more quickly, reduce fragmentation and scale up existing initiatives to make a real difference for patients. That’s why a coalition of partners is joining forces to accelerate research in rare and paediatric diseases and bring new therapies to patients.

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08 Dec 2022

‘Rare Disease Moonshot’ – Scaling-up public-private partnerships to accelerate research into world’s rarest diseases

A new initiative to boost research and development into rare and paediatric diseases will launch today at the European Health Summit. The ‘Rare Disease Moonshot’ is a commitment and collabora...
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