• Why is this initiative needed?

Fragmentation of the ecosystem, and items that fall between the cracks, slow down the progress. We want to help defragmenting the field and help investing into public private collaborations where they add most value.  It is also about diversification and using the right tool for the right initiative. It is an opportunity to change the current paradigm.

• Who is behind, who pays for it?

The collective is a joint initiative of organisations who are part of it. We all contribute in kind to the best of our abilities, mostly our time and expertise from our organisations and our member organisations where needed. The mission of the Moonshot is part of our organisational goals and the vision of IRDIRC and Rare 2030. In this collective we all have the same rights and responsibilities and act by consensus.

• Will the Moonshot fund projects?

The Moonshot is not a funding programme, or a foundation. It is a way to enable public-private collaborations through EU and national programmes.  We will identify areas for collaboration where industry can contribute with its know-how, data, infrastructure, and expertise.

• Can you help me to find a partner for my project?

We will not act as a matchmaker, this is the role of partnering tools, brokerage events, etc., organised and owned by different funding agencies.  We will however explore ways to shed light on initiative(s) which contribute to the goal of unlocking science and translational capability in white spot areas and where industry involvement can boost progress.

• How do I get involved?

The collective today brings together umbrella organisations that represent different players of the R&D ecosystem. If you represent an umbrella organisation representing an additional perspective that you want to bring on board, please contact info@rarediseasemoonshot.org.

• Which diseases will be prioritised?

As our goal is to unlock science for as many underserved patients and diseases as possible, we will focus on initiatives with either structuring effect on the ecosystem or initiatives whose learnings can be applicable across more than one therapeutic area.